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Arranges  international business trips and host events related to business and travel.

JSA Business Trips Is a project that  provides students of JIBS opportunities to broaden their network, create career opportunities and get a glimpse into how large multi-national organizations and start-ups around the world operate. Each year the project team organizes one trip abroad with a specified focus area of business and a theme. On these trips, during the companies visit , students learn from the best in the industry, work on case studies and ultimately open doors for their future career while acting as representatives and ambassadors for Jönköping University.

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The Netherlands, 2023

A total of 20 students from over 10 different nationalities went to the Netherlands. Where we visited Netflix, Boels Rental, and Valcon. From thought-provoking discussions to case-solving and networking, we had an unforgettable and enriching time.


Dublin, Ireland

The project team, along with 14 students from JIBS embarked on their first trip in March 2019 to Dublin, Ireland where they visited Version 1, HubSpot and Microsoft. The students spent 5 hours at each company where they engaged in discussions, shared ideas, listen to success stories, learn about career opportunities. Some students managed to secure interviews with the companies for possible internships.


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Nikola Plantić Tomašić

Project Manager

Phoebe Aschan

Project Manager

Hadel Lily Mustafa

Corporate Relationship Manager

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Dmitry BT.png
Haide Mustafa BT.png

Vivien Jeremiás

Logistics Manager

Dmitry Koshchiy

Event Manager

 Haide Mustafa

Marketing Manager

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Georgii BT.png
Britt BT.png

Kathleen Vanderheyden

Logistics Manager

Georgii Alelishvili

Event Manager

Britt Vergeer

Marketing Manager

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