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JSA Investment Club

Engaging and teaching students about investments.

JSA Investment Club is the student organization for investment and finance at Jönköping University. We offer lectures, seminars, and finance trips to the most prestigious global financial institutions along with other events and activities. Furthermore, we provide a trading room with top of the line trading software and analytical resources to support your journey as an investor. The trading room and our events serve as a meeting place for like-minded people and a place to connect with our JIC alumni network to boost your career.

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The Board

The board for the JSA Investment club 2021-2022. The board consists of 11 members who together strive to build a successful organization.

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Erik Rappestad 


Our analysts collaborate to help manage and develop the official JIC investment portfolio. The analyst team for 2021-2022 consists of 12 motivated and eager Jönköping University students. Both the Head of Capital Management and Portfolio Manager team up with our analysts to strive for success.

JSA Investment Club: Möt våra medarbetare
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Age 26, International Economics

Saija Pyysiäinen

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