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The annual career fair at JIBS.

As an organisation working as a link between students and businesses, Nextstep helps students take the next step in their careers. Nextstep's main event is an international career fair, were local, national, and international companies exhibit during the day, with the purpose to present their business and attract ambitious students at the university.  The fair has the purpose to connect students with companies to identify recruitment and business opportunities. It has been arranged for students, by students, since 1994. During the career fair, interesting meetings are combined with exciting guest lectures, workshops, and contact calls.

This year's career fair is set to be on the 5th of May!

Nextstep: Vad vi gör

Our Events

Leading up the fair, Nextstep also hosts several surrounding events during the year such as inspirational lectures, resume coaching sessions and networking events.  With the vision to promote work life opportunities, we help students take the next step in their careers. 

Nextstep: Om oss

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Nextstep: Citat

Our Team


Project Managers

Ebba Blomberg & Johanna Nordgren

Event Team 

Ebba Knutsson

Linnéa Lidberg

Hanna Sandström - Event Manager

Oscar Estéen


Logistic Team

Jonathan Landahl - Logistic Manager

Matilda de Jong

Filip Stefansson

Company Team

Andrè Lind - Company Manager

Fabian Räftegård

Oskar Hermansson

Ebba Abrahamsson

Adam Thyberg

William Thoren


Sponsor Team

Fabian Sardal

Ida Olsson

Alice Emanuelsson - Sponsor Manager

Elliot Stowe

Marketing Team

Emma Steèn - Marketing Manager

Linn Hammarvid

Elsa Lönn

Nextstep: Möt våra medarbetare
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