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JIBS United Magazine

The school magazine at JIBS.

At JIBS United Magazine, we are Jönköping’s premier destination for student-focused and student-led news. We take pride in being the school’s oldest student-run organization, founded in 1996 and going strong today! We focus on uplifting student voices, and our mission is to “provide inspiring, challenging, and entertaining news to all JIBS students and alumni. Publishing twice a year, once in the winter and once in the spring, our team of thirteen dedicated writers, marketers, and graphic designers combines practical guides, reflective pieces, and hard-hitting features into just one publication. In addition to our magazine, we are also proud to offer a blog and, soon, our very own podcast!

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JIBS United Magazine: Citat

Our Team

The hard working team that brings the magazine to life. 

Yuki Baciu-David .jpg

Yuki Baciu-David

Project Manager

Alexandros Bitzarakis.jpg

Alexandros Bitzarakis

Managing Director

Stella Malka.jpg

Stella Malka

Event Manager

Lovisa Olsson.jpg

Lovisa Olsson

Marketing Manager

Fabio Garcia Junior .jpg

Fabio Garcia Junior 


Hongjian Li .jpg

Hongjian Li

Graphic Designer 

Vidhula Atchishankar.jpg

Vidhula Atchishankar 


Irene Lixing .jpg

Irene Lixing


Aya Hennawi.jpg

Aya Henawi


Amrita Bhowmik .jpg

Amrita Bhowmik


Aser Hmeidi.jpg

Aser Hmeidi 


Julia Stoy .jpg

Julia Stoy 


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