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Entrepreneurship Academy

Promoting and engaging students in entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Entrepreneurship Academy!

What do you think of when you hear the word Entrepreneurship? Our mission is to promote and foster entrepreneurship among students at Jönköping University. Through workshops, lectures and events, our vision is to enable students to turn their ideas into a reality. The two primary events that we host are the new venture fair Entrepreneurship Day and the student competition JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge.

This year's E-challenge is set to be on the 4th to the 6th of April!

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Entrepreneurship Academy: Citat

Our Team


Project Managers

Malin Bergman & Anna Björndahl

Event Team

Rebecka Björkman - Event Manager

Elna Jannati

Nicole Vizcaino

Lion Brenker


Sponsor Team 

Emma Stakson - Sponsor Manager

Victor Brendelökken

Axel Blomberg

Marketing Team

Tim McIntyre - Marketing Manager

Dilyan Valentinov

Terrance Lopez

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