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Do you want to go on a walk but you’re tired of taking the same route? Or are you thinking of exploring more of Jönköping before returning to your home country? The Dunkehalla Trail might just be the place to visit!

Stretching from Kortebovägen to Dalvik, the Dunkehalla Trail features remnants of Jönköping’s first industries from hundreds of years ago. Old factory buildings, grinders, and the Dunkehalla river are some of the things you can expect to see. Signposts are positioned alongside prominent spots to educate you about the history of the valley. They are written in Swedish but you can always count on Google Translate (don’t worry, the translation actually makes sense)!

At only 900m long, the hike up is pretty short. However, the view from the top is, in my humble opinion, the real treasure. It is especially beautiful a couple hours before sunset when the sun shyly shines over the rest of the city, adorning it with a beautiful golden glow.

At this point, you could either hike down or continue walking ahead before turning around and strolling along Vätterstranden. If you need to catch a break, have fika in the centre. Or if the weather is nice, order a takeout and have a picnic at the beach. The options are endless!

Written by Alicia Seah

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